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These books have been written for ships’ officers who want to know more. However, their target is also the Marine Engineers and Naval Architects who wish to find out what happens in real life ( outside an office) where the real day-to-day work takes place. These books bring “Theory” into “Practice” to those working on ships or to those who attend ships as surveyors, consultants and general specialists.
These books provide a good base on which individuals can analyse their findings so that they can produce factual and detailed reports that may be used in any dispute between parties that represents ships’ Owners, ships’ Charterers and Cargo Receivers. All those who appreciate going the extra mile or just a step or two further than where others have stopped, will benefit from reading how things really happen and how difficult situations can be corrected or even avoided.

Mr. H. A. Karanassos, a practising Naval Architect with a wide and varying experience has decided to present the various aspects of his knowledge in a new book that will be of great value to all involved in the Maritime Industry. All the latest areas of theory, as well as all the applicable rules and data will be covered in respect of the present state of knowledge so as to give this up-to-date work completeness and value. 
It is hoped that this book will be a work to which one will make frequent reference whilst working on a design, whether it be that of a large merchant ship, a motor-boat or a propulsion concept.    

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